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About us

 Gaming Beast is a leading supplier of an extensive range of superior quality gaming gear and accessories.


At Gaming Beast, we fully understand how, as a serious gamer, you need to play in complete comfort, style and with products that give you the competitive edge against other gamers. We also understand that it can be difficult to find what you are looking for: both online and in stores. With our exclusive and carefully selected range of gaming gear and accessories, you can finally build your passion and become more inspired by your gaming while winning more frequently at the same time.


Whether you are looking for a headset, gaming keyboard, joypad, cable, keyboard accessory or anything else you can think of in the way of gaming gear or accessories, here at Gaming Beast we have exactly what you need. What’s more, our user-friendly and convenient online store means that you can shop securely and safely for all your gaming requirements, leaving you more time for the things in life that really matter: like beating your opponents and enjoying your awesome new gaming gear!


All our products have been manufactured using only the best quality materials and have been designed to bring out the best in your gaming performance. You can therefore have complete peace of mind that they will last and will be the envy of all your gaming friends.


Just as the name suggests, Gaming Beast was born out of a desire to help our clients become their own gaming beasts in their own unique ways and to grow in their gaming performance and abilities through the use of our innovative and cutting-edge gaming equipment and accessories.


With innovation, amazing customer service, reliability, professionalism and integrity being the cornerstone of all we do here at Gaming Beast, we are continuously striving to bring you the latest and best gaming gear and accessories currently available.